Pastor Opeoluwa Aremu-Okulaja

Pastor Opeoluwa Aremu-Okulaja

Pastor Opeoluwa Aremu-Okulaja is a pharmacist who qualified from the University of Ife in 1983. She is also an ordained minister of the gospel.
She has always been in community pharmacy both in Nigeria and in the UK.

She started the health ministry and business under the leading of the Lord when He instructed her after a season of prayers regarding ill – health and deaths in the body of Christ which is contrary to His Word.

God corrected her lifestyle, trained her through the scriptures and the many books and courses she was led to study. After the courses, she started teaching the body of Christ how to live healthy by following biblical principles.

Apart from being a pharmacist for over 37 years, she is also a certified Nutritionist, Nutritional therapist (using diet to prevent, reduce symptoms and reverse diseases where possible) Detox specialist , Advanced weight-loss consultant and a certified life, health and wellness coach. She is currently studying Sports Nutrition and still taking numerous courses on different health challenges.

Pastor Ope is passionate about Health and wellness, she enlightens people about some of the practices of the food, pharmaceutical and medical industry and how we can protect ourselves. She speaks at seminars, workshops and conferences.

Her companies (Ola herbs and Greens and global wellnesspreneur) produces healthy drinks and foods without chemical additives, colourings and sugar. She sells healthy supplements based on seed nutrition, weight-loss programs , detox programs, nutritional therapy and other wellness services.

She is married with three children.